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Light of the Blue Star
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by Jackson J on Light of the Blue Star

It had been like 20 years since I had a reading. For whatever reason, It had been like my own personal pact to get a reading only if it stumbled serendipitously into my life through the experiences of my friend or acquaintances. Over a couple of years, I kept hearing about ‘this woman who does readings when she came to town to visit her daughter’ but I always heard about it after the fact. A few years later in a conversation with a Facebook friend, I realized my friend Patti was ‘The Daughter’ and she proceeded to connected me with Lorraine. I am forever grateful.

As I write this, I’ve had sat for a few readings with Lorraine (as well as others). I have come to understand what a gift Lorraine is. Not just in the gift she has and how she serves the world, but in who she is and how she does it. I don’t know how else to say it but Lorraine’s readings the clearest, cleanest ones I’ve received.

I have come to understand there are many styles and ways individuals embody the space of psychic/medium. I know it must take a tremendous amount of personal development and healing for an individual to find and hold a clean and clear space to conduct readings and not bring or project their own “stuff” into the session. Every reading I’ve received from Lorraine has without fail come through with that clarity.

My very first reading with her was at a time I was about to undergo a deep-dive healing journey and it felt like it was packed with wisdom and encouragement that got me through some hard times. She spoke to things that I’d been trying to understand but had found no ways to express aloud.

Over time, I relistened to the recording and I would regularly find breadcrumbs of wisdom that seemed interwoven with the healing path I was on. Each listen provided a brand-new internal perspective and sometimes brand-new wisdom or I could just hear it in a new way.

Her readings have often given me multiple tether-points of reflection that aided in and regularly validated my process of internal healing and reflection. They have also become a tool for me because they often served as such loud and strong reflections of energetic and intuitive hits I’ve had personally. The ripple effect of that process has helped me learn to not only trust my gut but to better understand it. It’s helped me better listen to my intuition and thus it has helped me strengthen my own connection internal and otherwise.

I personally go into the readings open-hearted and each one of them has been helpful and regularly tipping the scale toward amazing. Thank you, Lorraine.

by Susan on Light of the Blue Star

I used Lorraine for the first time about 2 months ago....she was right on the money....she is no joke.....she up front and real .....no if's or buts ....no false hope ....she tells you what she is told ....EXCELLENT

by Kimberly Ann Pratt on Light of the Blue Star
Lorraine was great!

I was very nervous & anxious at the same time because I had never talked with a Medium before. . Lorraine calmed me down & assured me that she would be able to answer any questions that I had. I lost my mom last year suddenly & because of that I reached out to Lorraine for her services & I was very pleased with how our phone conversation went & I will definitely be using her services again in the future. Thanks so much Lorraine you really helped me out & for that I'm so very grateful. Lorraine is a really great woman with a awesome personality & she's truly a gift from God. I'm so glad that I chose Lorraine for her Medium services. If you are ever looking for a great,professional & friendly Medium you should definitely choose Lorraine. I truly feel that God sent you to me Lorraine because he knows how much of a hard time I've been having with my Mom passing away & he knows that every time I schedule a phone conversation with that I feel so much better. I already feel more connected to my Mom spiritually. Again thanks so much Lorraine much praise to you! ❤️😃🙌🏻

by thomas on Light of the Blue Star
Wonderful Lorraine

What a wonderful person you are Lorraine gifted and blessed with an amazing talent and so willing to share with me thank you so much for all your help and guidance in my life Lorraine i am very grateful for you.

by Adrienne on Light of the Blue Star
What an amazing experience!!

I recently just lost my Mom 3 months ago, and another close family 10 months before. Just to have a chance to feel connected in some way again was such a blessing!! Things Lorraine told me no one could have known!! She was so kind and so sweet it made this so much easier for me!! Thank you Lorraine

by Sylvia Kidd on Light of the Blue Star
Lorraine has a great gift

I have been a client since 2009 when a loved one passed away suddenly and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I must tell you Lorraine saved me thousands of dollars in professional counseling! Amazingly, meeting with Lorraine and speaking directly to my loved ones who have passed was the best counseling for me! I would highly recommend Lorraine, she is a warm loving person who is a delight to be around. She has a beautiful gift from God and really helped me and my family. I look forward to my readings from Lorraine and reveiving messages from my loved ones. It's a wonderful feeling knowing I have guardian angels helping us from the other side. Who says there are no phones in heaven ???? Yes there is!! Call Lorraine!!!!!

by C.S. on Light of the Blue Star

Thank you from the depths of my heart for the reading today. I feel the purity of your connection to spirit, and appreciate it so.

You brought me the confirmation, clarity and information I needed to move forward in my life with confidence and strength, knowing that my guides are at my side helping and protecting me every step of the way. You are a blessing to myself and many others. And I thank you for your dedication and service.

Much love to you!

by J.E. on Light of the Blue Star

I had a session with in November. I wanted to let you know of something interesting that happened today that is connected to it.

During the session, for several minutes, my mom mentioned a ring and said I needed to look around for it some more. She wanted me to have this ring. I had already been through her jewelry and given most away and I wasn't quite sure what she meant and really didn't give it much thought.

Today, I was looking for a checkbook when I moved some of my mom's old driving gloves. She liked to wear them and had several different colors. On a whim, I started trying them on, one pair after another. When I put on the 4th pair, I felt something in the index finger and pulled out a diamond and topaz ring of hers. What a surprise! The strange part is that I don't really even know why I was trying them on.

So now, I'm listening to the recording for the first time since our original session and it's amazing how much more I understand what you were saying. You were right when you told me that I needed to hear it again. This recording is priceless. Thank you so much!

by D. B. on Light of the Blue Star

Thank you so much for sharing your gift and delivering such insight and inspiration. I'm humbled and honored that God has put you in my path.

by C. C. on Light of the Blue Star

You are amazing, Lorraine! You did an online reading for me and my daughter and my son and my best friend a few years ago. You were "dead on" correct! Thank you!!!

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